Tory changes tune… why?

Charles Adler commented on this in today’s National Post and I have to wonder why Tory threw the religious schooling issue under the bus. Ok he hasn’t really thrown it under the bus, but he significantly weaked his credibility in my view by allowing a free-vote. Thus is the man of principal who is touting himself as the someone who has leadership skills. You cannot spin this in a positive way this flip-flop. I’ve talked to a few people and all have said that he should have stuck with this issue as it was because really, it’s a non-starter. Just as in the States when GW Bush wanted to extend gov’t funding to faith-based charities, most said no. To take the money they had to open up and conform to/report to the gov’t. They declined and I suspect most private schools in Ontario would say the same. Thanks but no thanks. What the real issue with education is in my opinion is why can the Catholic boards offer more services, have more teachers and resources but spent on average $100/less per student? HuH?
What’s really apparent is that the “T/tory” message is not getting out and as such people are not seeing the differences between Liberals and Tories. In that case a lot of people will go with the Devil they know.  Sigh…

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