Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a very difficult decision to make in the next few weeks. No it is not about COVID-19 vaccinations, or how to get the country out of a pandemic-ravaged recession/depression. Trudeau has to pick who will be the next Governor General. Like many Canadians, I am disappointed that Julie Payette did not work out as GG. Selecting an astronaut who speaks multiple languages, and has had a distinguished career should have been a no-brainer. Maybe she was overqualified for the job and that is why things went sideways. The job does not look difficult. Preside over some ceremonies, sign some bills,Read More →

Many moons and a career change ago, I had a business. During the height of that business, I had radio ads. Stumbling through archived emails I found a couple and thought I’d post them for others enjoyment. I don’t really miss web development, but these ads were fun. Jamie Carr, then of Corus Radio, now a voice over artist voiced this one in October 2011. Meanwhile Nick Seguin, also of Corus Radio at the time, voiced and wrote this one.Read More →

Being stuck at home for 11 months, I have had a lot of time to think about many things. That thinking time has led me to the conclusion that I have too many tools. After purchasing Casa del Blancher nearly 16 years ago, buying tools to begin a project or two was a natural extension. It was harmless. Need a screwdriver, OK go buy one. A circular saw for another project, sure why not. Years later, I have two large tool boxes full of tools plus half a shed stuffed with power tools, hand tools, and odd tools. Many of the tools I bought, aRead More →