Articles by Phillip Blancher

Canadian Tire loses money

OH NO… Canadian Tire has lost millions this quarter.. here is a thought. DUMP THE DAMN ANNOYING COUPLE IN YOUR COMMERICALS. Like enough already. Everytime I see that stupid guy go on about some lame tool or that woman annoy me about how easy it is to do something with…

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Hey! Canada has scandels too?

Wow look at this article from the BBC. People seem shocked around the world that Canada has Political scandels. – Funny though, Canadians aren’t shocked by this.

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I hate the Tragically Hip!

When I was in High school in the early 1990’s, the Hip were just taking off. Because of the close proximity of my high school to Kingston (home of the Hip), everyone was into the hip. There were CD’s in classes, cars driving around with it playing. It drove me…

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