Articles by Phillip Blancher

I hate the Tragically Hip!

When I was in High school in the early 1990’s, the Hip were just taking off. Because of the close proximity of my high school to Kingston (home of the Hip), everyone was into the hip. There were CD’s in classes, cars driving around with it playing. It drove me…

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Electile Dysfunction

Greg Weston has a wonderful column in today’s Toronto Sun about voters not wanting an election right now. “WHAT IF they held an election and nobody came?” Weston quipped. What if? Personally I could not boycott an election. But who do I choose from? While I am for the “traditional”…

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I have joined Blogger

Yes I have joined the masses and migrated over to Blogger. I figured it would make life a little easier for me. And frees up some space on my hosting for other projects. It seems pretty neat so far.

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