I do not understand what possesses grown adults to put a boat in the water before the crack of dawn to catch fish, let alone go into a competition with others to do so. All that effort just to weigh the fish, and then put them back in the water. I would at least keep a few of the good ones for a nice lunch or dinner. When I went to cover this year’s bass tournament send off at the crack of dawn — with suitable amounts of coffee brought along — I gained an appreciation of why one might want to do so. The aboveRead More →

I took this photo during a recent trip to the Lake George, New York area, in Bolton Landing. What caught my eye wasn’t just the lake, or the mountains, but this duo on paddle boards. A father and son (assumed) just paddling away on a lake, with mountains all around them. Why? Why not?Read More →

Tomorrow, our oldest child graduates secondary school. She has not had an easy road in life so far and will not have an easy road going forward. When she was in kindergarten we knew something was different and were told it was the usual ADHD/ODD combination. It wasn’t, but it took 5 years to find out that she was on the autism spectrum.  It took moving from the public board, where we were constantly beating our head against the wall trying to get help for her, to the catholic board. It was a night and day difference at first. We went from no help atRead More →