While born of modest beginnings in a factory owned by Henry Ford, I will now tell you the tale of a tractor which inflicted great fright amongst residents of an area west of Brockville. Just around the time I began high school, my Dad bought a restored Ford 8N tractor. I think it was a 1950 model but don’t quote me on this. It was a simple, humble tractor painted grey and red. You’ve likely seen them around: they are popular with collectors. When it first arrived, I hated this tractor. Later I learned to loath it. I could drive a lawn tractor and aRead More →

Anyone who has been involved in sports, either as a player, coach, or parent, knows the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” It is oft repeated to emphasize the importance of putting the result of the team above individual results. How successful the team is matters more than how any one player does. For team sports, it is crucial for everyone to work together and each do their part to make that team a success. Teamwork is key, so the experts say. Everyone on the team runs or rows in the same direction. Work together; pass the puck or the ball if you can’tRead More →

Randy Payne was 33 when he died. I went to school with Randy, but had not thought of him for years until reading the newspaper one day 14 years ago. Randy grew up in a Canadian military family. He was born in West Germany, and moved around depending on his father’s military posting. Eventually the family moved off-base and lived on the next concession road over from where I grew up. Randy was three years older than me. We knew each other from school but we weren’t in the same social circles. He was a good hockey player and eventually was captain of our hometownRead More →