It has been nearly a year that this council has been in office in South Dundas and one has to wonder, what is the plan? While neighbouring municipalities like Edwardsburgh-Cardinal are announcing new distribution centers in their industrial parks, South Dundas has shuttered their Economic Development position. South Stormont announced just last week that all of their vacant industrial buildings are now full. North Dundas has attracted expansion in their municipality, North Stormont has recently finished as the host of the International Plowing Match and all of the local spin-offs that benefit that municipality. Carleton University just announced that they are opening a satellite campusRead More →

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission maintains control of a vast amount of river front land in South Dundas, and has done so for nearly 60 years. The parks commission’s commitment to the stewardship and protection of the land, the shore line and the river is to be commended. The construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway project severed the community’s direct connection with the river as they were relocated out of the floodplain. The new shoreline for the most part, was and has been under government control ever since. After the project’s completion, much of the shoreline was accessible for the public to enjoy. Even 10Read More →

In 2006, residents of South Dundas began to elect their muncipal council through the “at-large” system. This was a move to unify the community, eliminating the former municipal boundaries pre-amalgamation. I would offer that this experiment has failed at its goals and it is time to revert back to the ward system. Many communities have gone the route of electing their council “at-large”,  Brockville, Cornwall and Prescott for example. In each of those cases however, the community was not a forced marriage. Those communities existed and the councils functioned to the benefit of that whole community. There was/is a sense of community there. In theRead More →