The phrase “One question, one follow-up” has been oft-used during the pandemic. It has been heard by many journalists since the COVID-19 pandemic began and signifies a further erosion of access to government officials. Reporting the news during a pandemic has been a challenge to say the least. I’ve worked in the journalism field at various outlets for the past 25 years, and I have never seen an event radically affect society so much, so quickly. The real risk to journalism has not been reporters working from home in makeshift newsrooms or dealing with the technology of FaceZoomSkypeTeams chats. It is the loss of accessRead More →

What I write here is based on my own experiences in the Ontario education system, with three out-of-four our own kids still in the system. Our kids have attended both the English-Public, and the English-Catholic boards in our area. The problem: In rural Ontario, enrollment in schools has bottomed out, but some schools still face declining enrollment. That factors into putting local elementary and secondary schools at risk of closure. At the elementary level, schools are put in peril by uneven programming, and a bias by parents that “new is always better”. At the secondary level, it is a fact that some schools are losingRead More →

I took this photo during a recent trip to the Lake George, New York area, in Bolton Landing. What caught my eye wasn’t just the lake, or the mountains, but this duo on paddle boards. A father and son (assumed) just paddling away on a lake, with mountains all around them. Why? Why not?Read More →