October 19th marks the end of the longest campaign in modern Canadian history. If one lesson can come out of this election, it is that those who want to govern you, want you to be afraid of something. Despite that fear-mongering, you need to vote. Each of the parties have campaigned on fear, even if they state otherwise. It is all rhetoric and none of it matters. The Conservatives want you to be afraid of change which will endanger the economy. They want you to fear the Liberals because of their past issues with corruption. They equate the Liberal Party of Canada with the LiberalRead More →

The communities along the St. Lawrence River from Iroquois to Cornwall were transformed over 60 years ago with the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway project. It was responsible for one of the largest transfers of land from private to government ownership in Canadian history, and severed residents connection with the river. Subsequent decades of management by the St. Lawrence-Parks Commission (SLPC) has led to the area becoming hands-off except for those who are willing to pay, or to no one at all. That needs to change. To read the rest of this editorial, visit the Standard-Freeholder web site.Read More →

It has been nearly a year that this council has been in office in South Dundas and one has to wonder, what is the plan? While neighbouring municipalities like Edwardsburgh-Cardinal are announcing new distribution centers in their industrial parks, South Dundas has shuttered their Economic Development position. South Stormont announced just last week that all of their vacant industrial buildings are now full. North Dundas has attracted expansion in their municipality, North Stormont has recently finished as the host of the International Plowing Match and all of the local spin-offs that benefit that municipality. Carleton University just announced that they are opening a satellite campusRead More →