I hate idiots. Now I don’t mean people who act like idiots, or have idiot moments. Such moments like calling a technical support line because they cannot dial up to their internet connection. Never mind the fact that they are calling their own number and cannot understand why the connection is always busy. I mean Pure Grade A, 100% Real Fucking Idiots. Idiots who don’t take a hint. Idiots who are so fucking dense that they cannot understand the world around them and how their actions affect that world. The idiot(s) know who they are, and should they take offence, good! In fact, that theyRead More →

Paul Jackson makes a good point in here. One that I have been saying for years. Brian Mulroney was the last Prime Minister we had who was an effective leader. Now before you start pelting me with eggs let me state that: I did not like or agree with much of what the PC Party and Mulroney did while in office. The Mulroney Government was not without its share of scandel and corruption (when do those Senators get out of prison?). Mulroney brought in the gouge and screw tax Now if you look at Mulroney and Co. There was some semblance of leadership, at leastRead More →

Way back in the glory days of the mid 1990’s, Oasis was a good group. I might even give them that they were a great group. I went to see them in New York City in October of 1997 with a friend from High School, Justin. Justin was a bigger fan than I was. We went to see them play at the Hammerstein Ballroom near MSG. Twice! First time we had tickets, the second we bought scalped tickets. I don’t remember the concerts very much. Not due to usual reasons for memory loss, but because they were not that memorable. I remember those concerts forRead More →