AKA – BUTT OUT BONO Bono from U2, shut up. No one cares that Paul Martin broke his word to you. You know you shouldn’t even be trying to hit up world leaders for your causes. Why?!? Because until you give away your vast fortune to charity, you have no right to ask others. If it is something you believe in that strongly, make the first move. As much of a dumbass as Paul Martin is, I think he is in the right here. So butt out Bono.. go annoy some other world leader, like the President of Togo, I am sure he is interested.Read More →

People in Toronto are crying the blues because “famous” graffitti artist “Alpha” was hit by a train in Toronto on Groundhog Day. Apparently “Alpha” was tagging (vandelising) a box car and was hit. While it is sad to the family that they have to suffer the loss of a loved one, was this guy a fucking moron. Come on… the guy played on train tracks, and got hit… What an Einstein! Boo Hoo… Next time don’t go playing around 6000 tonnes of moving steel! DUMBASS!Read More →