With Belinda Stronach bolting to the Liberal Party, the last hope for a moderate leader within the Conservative Party is gone. Harper might as well just rename the party back to the Alliance, or perhaps a more fitting name CCRAP! The only bad thing here is that Belinda did lose some credibility by jumping parties. Leading a caucus revolt against Harper from the Opposition side of the house would have given her a real boost from the more Progressive minded Conservatives (former PC Party people). Next election I will be holding my nose and voting Liberal, better a corrupt individual than Harper!Read More →

OH NO… Canadian Tire has lost millions this quarter.. here is a thought. DUMP THE DAMN ANNOYING COUPLE IN YOUR COMMERICALS. Like enough already. Everytime I see that stupid guy go on about some lame tool or that woman annoy me about how easy it is to do something with the new “Craftsman” BLAH tool, it makes me want to NOT shop at Canadian Tire. If I need bolts or a heater or something, I go to Home Hardware, Home Depot or even Walmart before going to Canadian Tire. Hell even my car runs like shit on gas from the Canadian Tire gas bars, doRead More →