Weddings are stressful. I did not realize how stressful they are for photographers until I finally shot one myself. Every time I took a photo, I was worried that I’d screw it up. So I used two cameras for it. I also set my main camera to duplicate the photos on each of the two cards in the body, one RAW, one JPG. This way if I screwed up the exposure, I could salvage it in Photoshop. It’s not like I could go back and ask Andrew and Amanda to go and repose the wedding day a week later. It was a great place toRead More →

This is one of the few photos I have from my time in high school. I hated the high school I went to so mysteriously (not!) many photos went in the trash post-grad. Taken in May 1994 from the Empire State Building, looking south. I was one of a few that went on a art/photography trip to New York City that year. Certainly not one of my best photos, but my fear of heights was likely kicking in at this elevation. That is why along with the NYC skyline, there is a stunning view of the railings and grills to protect everyone from falling over.Read More →

I do not understand what possesses grown adults to put a boat in the water before the crack of dawn to catch fish, let alone go into a competition with others to do so. All that effort just to weigh the fish, and then put them back in the water. I would at least keep a few of the good ones for a nice lunch or dinner. When I went to cover this year’s bass tournament send off at the crack of dawn — with suitable amounts of coffee brought along — I gained an appreciation of why one might want to do so. The aboveRead More →