A happy wife is a happy life, or so the saying goes. I first heard this phrase watching one of those Bryan Baumler home reno shows on HGTV. Given the vocations of my wife and myself, having days off that line up are rather difficult. When we get to spend time together, without the four kids around (rare as that is) we usually go on a day excursion. Before Christmas, we went on one of these sojourns west of town, seeing where the car will take us. We landed at Adelaine’s Tea Room in Prescott. I am not a tea drinker by any means, butRead More →

Marcus Ryan, township councillor for Zorra township posted comments to TVO’s “The Agenda with Steve Paiken” about getting rid of school boards in Ontario and put schools under the administration local municipalities. It’s an idea, but I fear that some poorly managed municipalities would do more harm than good having control of schools. It’s bad enough they have a municipal budget to handle, let alone a school or several schools. Ryan’s posting to Twitter prompted me to put finger to keyboard (modern day pen to paper) and come up with seven points that I think would fix Ontario’s education system. Here they are: Constitutional amendmentRead More →

October 19th marks the end of the longest campaign in modern Canadian history. If one lesson can come out of this election, it is that those who want to govern you, want you to be afraid of something. Despite that fear-mongering, you need to vote. Each of the parties have campaigned on fear, even if they state otherwise. It is all rhetoric and none of it matters. The Conservatives want you to be afraid of change which will endanger the economy. They want you to fear the Liberals because of their past issues with corruption. They equate the Liberal Party of Canada with the LiberalRead More →