The COVID-19 pandemic has broken the routines of life as we know it. Like many families, our family has had to deal with home-schooling, cancelled sports seasons, cancelled travel plans, and boredom. In our family, one of the big disappointments this summer was the cancellation of the soccer season. Our kids have all had a soccer ball at their feet since they were old enough to walk. This season was the final year for our oldest son to play in the local soccer program. He aged out this year, and is off to college this fall. Like missing graduation ceremonies, this is another milestone, andRead More →

One of the defining times of my high school education was my final semester. As a Grade 13 student, I was unclear on exactly what I wanted to do after high school. The guidance councillor at my high school was no help, suggesting I go to university to “figure it out”. Another teacher at the school knew I liked to write and suggested I try the co-op program at the school. That led to a semester working at my local weekly newspaper. Twenty-plus years later, and some gear-changes along the way, I still work in this field. It’s funny how an off-the-wall comment from someoneRead More →