Who the heck is this guy?

In no particular order:

I am me. I have been a web geek since 1995. Still remember the external 14,400 modem using dial-up to connect to the World-Wide Web on my 386 laptop using Netscape 1.1. Yes I was the chubby kid in high school who dragged a laptop to class. No easy feat in 1995. I was on the internet before Al Gore invented it.

I am also a writer, went to college for it. Worked for some weekly and daily newspapers until I got sick of it. Did some freelance work, ran a web design company for a bit, took photos of cars for people. Then I went back to work writing for an online news site, helped another one get off the ground, joined an editorial board, freelanced and now I work for a newspaper again. The circle of life, coming back to where you began in 20 year intervals. I know I am much more appreciative of the things I wasn’t appreciative of before.

I also am a media gadfly. What is a media gadfly? Well a gadfly is a fly that pisses off a horse by being annoying; Media is kind of a no-brainer. I used to comment on news stories for a radio station once a week. A “top three” list so-to-speak, what’s newsworthy. Sometimes it’s people for doing a good thing, sometimes it’s for being a schmuck! I tried to get through each weekly segment without raising the ends of my sentences too high, or saying too many “um” or “ah”‘s. It was fun to do something in radio and the guys on the air are pros (they didn’t make me say that either). Then that ended and the guys I worked with moved on. I didn’t. I stayed and grew. The gadfly changed and I wrote op-eds, usually taking on the role of the angry white guy shaking his fist at something, usually government ineptitude. I still do that, but in a more controlled setting of 400-700 words on a weekly basis.

Every once in awhile I opt to run for office, usually so I can reaffirm that its not something I should do. It’s far better to spitball at others who are screwing up, than be the one to have the spitballs flying at.

I am a Husband and Dad too. Four kids, or as I call it 2/3rds of a starting line up for a hockey team. I think Ottawa might need the help, I  know my Buffalo Sabres still do. Ask me 20 years ago if I thought I’d be a dad and I would have called you crazy and ordered another round of beers. Ask me now and there is nothing I’d rather be. Personal policy of mine is I don’t write very much about my kids online nor do I identify them much. Too many creeps out there.

As for all of the above, I am not perfect. Not even close. I have made and continue to make mistakes. I try to learn from them and not repeat them. I try better at admitting them and fixing them. I keep trying, it’s better than being trying.

That’s me, all I can be.