• Algonquin Park - Barron Canynon

  • Night time windmills - Pumpkinferno @ Upper Canada Village

  • The red cliffs of Prince Edward Island

  • Sailing up the St. Lawrence River

Decades ago as an 18-year old high school student, I made a life-altering decision which took me out of the classroom and on to the road of adventure. It was the spring of 1995 and while students in my Grade 13 History, Geography, and English classes were digging into the US Civil War, population migration, and King Lear, I wasn’t. I was on the campaign trail. I am more of an introvert, rather than an extrovert, yet somehow I got the bright idea that I could seek adventure, skip class, and aspire to be the next member of provincial parliament at Queen’s Park. I wasRead More →

Growing up, I hated Kool-Aid. You know the drink. That little packet of powder that you mixed with a jug of water and 19 cups of sugar. OK, maybe not 19 cups, but you get my point. As a kid, Kool-Aid was too much work, too much waiting. You had to mix the drink, add the sugar, wait until everything had absorbed. And whatever you did, don’t ever drink it without the sugar mixed in. Yuck! As an adult, Kool-Aid no longer meant the “fun” packets, but took on a new meaning. No, not the Jonestown nonsense, but in politics. The phrase “Drinking the Kool-Aid”Read More →

The nothingburger. A made-up word originally coined in the 1950s to describe someone, or something, that is a whole lot of nothing. A friend who works at another media outlet tipped me off to this word and fortunately – or unfortunately depending on your perspective– it has become part of my vocabulary. Since its definition in the 1950s, the nothingburger has evolved – or elevated if you will – to its use in politics. The nothingburger now describes political appointments that are empty, political announcements that are empty, and even policy statements that are empty. Note the use of the word ‘empty’ above. The emptinessRead More →