Greg Weston has a wonderful column in today’s Toronto Sun about voters not wanting an election right now. “WHAT IF they held an election and nobody came?” Weston quipped.

What if?

Personally I could not boycott an election. But who do I choose from? While I am for the “traditional” definition of marriage, I cannot support Stephen Harper and the Reform Party er.. I mean “Conservative” party for many reasons. Namely Stephen Harper and a certain Eastern Ontario MP who is a coat-tail dragger.

The Liberals? Bah. Liberal-fiberals, fee fi fo fiberals. While I do admit Paul Martin was given a platter full of shit thanks to Chretien, he does fit having the name Mr. Dithers.

Wither the NDP. I supported the NDP in the last federal election, based namely on the local candidate, Steve Armstrong. However I no longer living in that riding and from a federal stance, I don’t know what they really believe in, other than the cult of Jack Layton.

Alas there are no Bloc Quebecois candidates, so the only ones left are Green or the Nutjob Religious Parties.

So I think I will be voting how I did many times before, by not placing all my eggs in one basket. I will place a checkmark on each of the candidate’s names, as I support them all equally.

Afterall, spoiled ballots still get counted.

Electile Dysfunction… sounds kind of catchy!