When I was in High school in the early 1990’s, the Hip were just taking off. Because of the close proximity of my high school to Kingston (home of the Hip), everyone was into the hip. There were CD’s in classes, cars driving around with it playing. It drove me NUTS!

Not that I was a prude when it comes to music, I was into the groups of the time, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and so on. Just I didn’t think that the Hip was all that… well… Hip!

I am sure a lot of it was that I hated where I grew up, and the people I went to school with. Having been the chubby kid who was picked on, you tend to not like the things that your tormentors like. Its just human nature!

There was more to it. I just didn’t like their sound. They didn’t do anything creative. Just rehash the same blues type of rifts, overkill on Gord Downie’s lyrics and a monotonous bass line that makes one think of Gregorian Chants (not a favourite of mine either).

Again this morning, I heard that same fucking song… Blow and high dough! Overplay! Enough!

I hate the Tragically Hip!