Way back in the glory days of the mid 1990’s, Oasis was a good group. I might even give them that they were a great group.

I went to see them in New York City in October of 1997 with a friend from High School, Justin. Justin was a bigger fan than I was. We went to see them play at the Hammerstein Ballroom near MSG. Twice! First time we had tickets, the second we bought scalped tickets. I don’t remember the concerts very much. Not due to usual reasons for memory loss, but because they were not that memorable.

I remember those concerts for the opening act, Fun Lovin’ Criminals of one-hit wonder Scooby Snacks fame. The bone heads screwed up their set list in the first concert, playing their only known hit second. After playing 4 or 5 more songs that people never heard of, people started booing the group. It was only after they played “Scooby Snacks” again did the crowd calm down. At the second show, they fixed their play list and had a mediocre set.

Notice I didn’t mention Oasis in that last paragraph. Because they didn’t do anything interesting. Flash forward eight years and three albums later (maybe four albums, don’t really care) they still sound the same.

Perhaps it is part of the bigger issue I find with groups. U2 has been around for over 25 years, everything now sounds the same. I thought the purpose of a group putting out a new album was to make NEW music. Key word, NEW!

When a group no longer produces something new, but still churns out CD’s, the group is no longer making albums for fun, just for profit. Groups like REM, U2 and Oasis should follow the path of groups like Smashing Pumpkins. Lead singer Billy Corigan admitted there was nothing more that the group could do new, so it was time to let it drop and start something NEW.

Take the hint Oasis. Putting out the same crap on new CD’s just to make money betrays the good songs and performances you did in the past. That just plain SUCKS. And so does Oasis!