Paul Jackson makes a good point in here. One that I have been saying for years. Brian Mulroney was the last Prime Minister we had who was an effective leader.

Now before you start pelting me with eggs let me state that:

  1. I did not like or agree with much of what the PC Party and Mulroney did while in office.
  2. The Mulroney Government was not without its share of scandel and corruption (when do those Senators get out of prison?).
  3. Mulroney brought in the gouge and screw tax

Now if you look at Mulroney and Co. There was some semblance of leadership, at least a plan or an Idea of a plan. In 10 years of Chretien and a year of Martin, what leadership has occured? Answer:none!

How much money is missing? 2+Billion for Gun Control, 350+Million for Adscam, 1+Billion missing from the Export Development fund (EDC), Plus, Plus PLUS more.

Chrietien and Martin had/have no plans, no grand schemes and no honour or skill. A Prime Minister is suppose to lead our country… for the last 11 years we have had no leadership.