I hate idiots. Now I don’t mean people who act like idiots, or have idiot moments. Such moments like calling a technical support line because they cannot dial up to their internet connection. Never mind the fact that they are calling their own number and cannot understand why the connection is always busy.

I mean Pure Grade A, 100% Real Fucking Idiots. Idiots who don’t take a hint. Idiots who are so fucking dense that they cannot understand the world around them and how their actions affect that world.

The idiot(s) know who they are, and should they take offence, good! In fact, that they actually think about something other than dwelling on someone’s mistakes, even though they have been corrected, would be a good sign that these idiots have some micron of a brain.

I have worked for and worked with both kinds of idiots. I have done business with both kinds of idiots. I prefer to deal with those who dial their own numbers, instead of the Grade-A kind as there is at least hope for those who dial their own numbers.

In the past I have been one of those idiots. One who makes mistakes, lots of mistakes, from his actions, zeal and jumping in with both feet, and eyes closed. But learning from the mistakes are what keep me from being that Grade-A idiot, and learning to let go. There are some who could do well to that lesson.

Back when I was younger, I’d make mistakes and not care, I’m young… who cares… Now that I am older with responsibilities, things change. Priorities change. Nusances are perceived differently. Those who wish to paint with the same brush should heed the words above about being an idiot. Let go.