Now this is something that ticks me right off. I was reading a story
on the BBC News web site about Tom Cruise getting splashed with water
during the premier of his latest crap-fest movie, the War of the
Worlds. First let me say… I am not ticked at Cruise getting dumped
on… That WAS funny. What ticked me off was at the bottom of the

“The War of the Worlds film is loosely based on the science fiction
novel by HG Wells.”

Why is that movies have to be “loosely based” on a novel. I-Robot if
you recall was “loosely based” as well. Two great sci-fi classics,
smeared with feces by Hollywood.

Why is it that Hollywood/Spielburg cannot just tell the story as in
the novel? If your script writers have enough “creativity” to take a
novel and write enough stuff to “loosely based” a half-assed script
off a GOOD story. Why not take it the extra mile and finish the
“loosely based” script and it be 100% original?

Because… “loosely based” sells. People hear I-Robot and think, cool
sci-fi movie. People hear of War of the Worlds, and think of the
history of the radio drama, the movies before and of the TV show from
the 80’s and hey.. they will go.

The sad part is that by putting in the small print of the title,
“loosely based” you are robbing the people who wrote the originals of
something. Example: Little Bobby goes to see War of the Worlds with
his dad, he has never seen the shows or read the book, and thinks the
movie sucks ass. Years later, Bobby goes into a book store and sees a
copy of War of the Worlds by HG Wells and remembers the crapola he
paid $12 to see. Does he pick it up? No.

Why is Hollywood smearing feces on classics? Because they have run out
of original ideas.

And notice they only take the good ones. Lets see someone do a movie
“loosely based” on the Whithering Hieghts (Crap-fest novel that needs
to be read by all as an example of how NOT to write a book). No one
wants to do that because they know it will suck.

This trend is everywhere, after all how many models of new cars have
shared the name of Mustang, and how many have been named the Pinto?

Hollywood, there are enough writers that do not have work who could
use the work, meanwhile lets re-hash and shit on whats been done.

Originality is dead people!