Ontario urges power conservation for the week – Yahoo! News

What a load of crap. McNutty and Co. wants us all to cut back on consumption to avoid rolling blackouts. Doesn’t that sound wrong. WE consumers (note that CONSUME is part of consumers) are using electricity that WE pay for. Why should I cut back to avoid a black out?

The problem is that the government wants us to bail them out. For the last several years there has been no suitable investment made in adding generating capacity to the province’s electrical grid. Rates have gone up, surcharges have been added to our Hydro/PUC bills, and yet now we have to cut back.

IF McNutty and Co wants me to cut back on our consumption, and not run our two air conditioners, pool pump, dryer and so on… Show me the money. Saying that there might be a black out is not going to work. If we have been allowed to use and use with no worries, telling me now that I have bought these items, “you can’t use them now” isn’t going to make me want to reduce what I use.

You want me to only run my air conditioner between x time and x time, fine… but you provide a low-cost loan to home owners to retrofit their houses to be more energy-efficient. You want me to run my dishwasher only at certain times, then you pay for that smart-meter on my electrical service. If McNutty wants my stove to be an “energy-efficent” one, then he can give me a tax-credit to go and replace it.

Until then, we will drive our two vehicles to where we need to go, with the air on full blast, leave our air-conditioners on full tilt all the time and run the dishwasher at 2PM. We are consumers. Provide us with the service we pay for, or entice us to change our ways!