Holik to the Thrashers, Pronger to the Oilers, Amonte and McCarty to the Flames, Straka to the Rangers, Hatcher, Rathje and Therien to the Flyers… And Ottawa manages to resign one player. Go after Modano or Neidermier! Get someone to back up Hasek as you know he is going to be only good for about 50 games this season.

And what about Montreal drafting a goalie! Montreal’s problem is with defense! Yes José Theodore is letting in too many goals but what do you expect when Montreal’s defense consists of the uprights on the net!

Apparently Modano is staying with the Stars now… HAHA Leafs, as if losing Roberts and Nieuwendyk wasn’t bad enough, now Tie Dummy, er.. I mean Domi, is whining because he doesn’t make enough. Go and be a bouncer for a strip club Domi, thats about all you are good for.

Its good to see hockey is back! And now tickets are 5% cheaper! Wow, thanks Melnyck for lowering that price! Now for my family of five it will cost the car payment for a month instead of a mortgage payment!