CBC Ottawa – Cities demand new deal with federal government

No! Cities should not get a new deal. I like my roads bumpy, it gives me an excuse to send my front-end alignment bills to the city! I want chunks of the transit way to fall onto Heron Road, for potholes to completely envelop my car as it drives through it (when filled with water, they make an effective car wash).

I want weeds to grow as high as the sky next to roads so I can’t breath for all of the Ragweed. I want exhaust to cover the sun, its too bright out there.

The best thing to happen I feel would be a new deal from the federal government to get rid of whinny politicians. Ones who grandstand during federal elections, who thinks that sending out questionaires to candidates of all parties when we know what party he is a member of, will make a difference or influence who we vote for.

So you go ahead Whinny man, you publish the responses. If I were non-Liberal candidates in the Ottawa area, I’d have one response for him, just to see if he’d publish it. “GFYS!”