The Globe and Mail: Debate play-by-play

I listened to the “debate” last night. It was rather entertaining, almost as if you took 4 election ads and merged the audio track into one jumble. If the NDP turfs Layton anytime soon, he could always put in for an Infomercial Host, he’d do well with it.

Harper came off ok, but still I see nothing that inspires me to vote for him.

Martin… well… he was ok. When he got fired up about something (being a proud Canadian/Quebecer) it was nice to see passion when he talked.

Duceppe was comedic. Getting shut down on the Same Sex/Separation question was classic.

The biggest thing is, none of these people inspire me. I remember as a kid after Clark’s minority fell and Trudeau was campaigning, you felt an energy when he spoke. Listening to old campaign speeches from Trudeau, Pearson and Diefenbaker, you knew that they truely believed in something, and even if you didn’t agree with their stand, it was exciting to see that. We don’t have that anymore.

I’d even opt for someone like Mulroney over this drivel.