I’d call this “Comedy of Errors” but that is an offence to Shakespear. The scare tactic ad from the Liberals that wasn’t an ad showing the military in cities on Harpers orders was farce! The tag line, “We’re not making this up” has to be the BLUNDER of the year. Except for the Not-Withstanding policy plank that wasn’t a plank.

A spade isn’t a spade, its a club, and Martin is thumping himself over the head with it.

First PM PM says that all ads are approved by him CTV.CA Story.

Then one of his candidates comes out and apolgises for the ad, saying the ad was the work of an idiot. CBC NEWS Story.

The seams are coming apart and I fear the prediction of 80 seats after Jan23 is a bit optimistic.

How to save the Liberals?

Picture it, a new ad. Martin, sitting at a desk, or on a counter or something, holding a cup of Tim Hortons. Fade in.

“People of Canada. I fucked up. I am sorry. Gomery wasn’t my fault, but I should have been more diligent. This is what I want to do to fix the mistakes. Please let me clean up my own mess.”