Who I am voting for is simple. Just after the Christmas break, I emailed all four candidates in my riding, asking the same question, the fifth candidate, Christian Heritage Party, did not get emailed based on principle. I then discounted the Green candidate out of the four because of an answer to a question that was asked in a debate, “What is the most important issue for this riding?” The three mainstream candidates all answered “Jobs”, Greenboy answered, “Renewable Energy!” In a riding that has in the last 12 months lost close to 1400 jobs due to plant closures and downsizing, you can’t pay for Renewable Energy if you don’t have a JOB! – MORON!

Out of the three candidates left, only the campaign worker for one of the candidates bothered to email a response, followed by the candidate himself emailing me. The fact that a local candidate contacted me in this riding has weighed significantly to how I am voting. That personal effort to talk with me is greatly appreciated.

strategic voting also plays into account. If the local MP and the PM are of the same party, this riding is looked favorably on by the sitting government. If the local MP doesn’t match the party of the PM, this riding gets the shaft.

While I have supported the NDP in the past, including volunteered on a couple of campaigns, that is not happening this time. (Sorry Jack, that moustache has to go). I am not looking at the federal leaders from any party, if I do then I would have to hold my nose when voting.

So who am I voting for? Good question, when I get my ballot at the polling station, I will make my mind up then. Maybe.