Thanks guys over at Hill and Knowlton, you owe me dinner, because I just lost mine. I can stomach change, I can even stomach a Harper minority gov’t because the opposition will keep things in check. A Harper majority!

The numbers according to Hill & Knowlton:

Liberals – 49 – a loss of 64%
Conservatives 156 seats – a gain of 58%
NDP 41 seats – a gain of 116%!!!
Bloc 61 seats – a gain of 13%

On one hand, Harper’s policies on family (child care, etc) I agree with. We decided to take the hit and have one of us stay home with our kids instead of slapping them into daycare.

Reduced GST. I don’t care what they say about how cutting the GST is bad, and they should cut employment taxes instead. When I go to buy something (consumption) and that purchase is taxed less, I am happy. Mind you, will they take the GST off the gas tax since it is against the law for the government to tax a tax? Probably not.

I am a former PC Party person, but left when MacKay sold out the party. Most of the new Conservative party is controlled by the “Reformers” and that is just a little too much to the right of centre than I am comfortable with.