The last of the polls are out. No more of that drivel for the next while hopefully. That said, Andrew Coyne has put out a call for predictions for monday. I have a few.


Conservatives: 141
Liberals: 60
Bloc: 57
NDP: 49
Independent: 1

I don’t see a Conservative Majority, although it could happen. I hope not.

Individual Predictions:

André Arthur will win Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier because Quebecers want him off the air-waves.

The Conservatives will win more seats in Ontario than the Liberals, but the NDP will fare well there too. Olivia Chow will win her seat, the Conservatives will break into 905 while the NDP will do well in 416 and Hamilton.

The Bloc will get more seats than the Liberals in Quebec, the Conservatives will get three seats in Quebec.

Martin will win LaSalle-Emard, but you will not see Paul Martin occupy Stornoway. The chances of Martin quitting go up for every seat the Conservatives get.

Locally (Eastern Ontario):

Ottawa-West Nepean – John Baird(Conservative) will get in

Ottawa Centre – Paul Dewar(NDP)

Ottawa South – Allan Cutler(Conservative)

Leeds-Grenville – Bob Eaton (Liberals) – This one I am glad to see, as anyone but Gord Brown is good for that riding.

As for my own riding, not going to call it.