Nope. Sorry Landslide Annie. The next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada should be… qualified!

Honestly it makes no difference wither the Liberals are led by a woman or a man. To say that it SHOULD be run by a women smacks in the face of woman’s rights. If there is a woman who runs for the leadership, she should be put to task like any male candidate. If she is more qualified than any other candidate, give her the job. If a man is more qualified, give him the job.

Here is a thought. Put down for each candidate a list of all general qualifications they have. Nothing to specifically identify who they are. Then put next to it, what their vision of the party is. Identify each person as a Candidate (Candidate A, B, C and so on). Give each member of the Liberal Party a ballot in which their first, second and third choices can be placed. Count the ballots, and then announce after saying Candidate X has won, who their leader is.

True equality Landslide, not forced. Try it out!