As some know, I am the father of three kids. I normally don’t mention the kids on here because well… their kids and don’t need to be exposed to anything on the web except going on the Bob the Builder or Dora the Explorer web sites.

However I will mention this. My children watch TV. They watch the CBC. After school and in the morning. At 5:30pm, CBC has a program meant more for Teens but is still viewable during primetime (for kids) called Nerve. Nerve covers topics really relevent to teens like having their Balls Waxed!

Yes… Balls Waxed. Tax dollars… funding the CBC… so kids can see a teen get their balls waxed…

To quote the Liberals: “we’re not making this up!” Considering we have had 12 years of Liberals running things in Ottawa, I am not very surprised about this. However it does not mean I agree with this.

So what to do? Email the CBC Ombudsman complaining about this show. It is inappropriate for it to be shown in a timeslot where little children will see it.