I applaud the Western Standard for having the courage to print these cartoons, even though they are offensive to Muslims. What this boils down to in my opinion is this:

  • The initial outrage of these cartoons has been hijacked by extremists who have used this as yet another excuse to say “down with the west”. Look no further to what has come out of Iran, starting a contest for cartoons about the Holocaust. Considering Denmark is a Christian nation, why are the extremists targeting Israel? Something doesn’t make sense here.
  • While personally I think the cartoons are offensive and in poor taste, how is this any different than those who made cartoons of the Pope? Of those who mock Christian religious symbols, who lump all priests in with the select few who have been charged as Pedophiles?

Our nature and rights to free expression have allowed people to make pictures of the Virgin Mary out of cow shit and then fling our own blood at the picture (Some gallery in NYC in 1999 actually allowed this). As a Christian, yes I am offended by it. But just as they have the right to do that, I have the right to call them idiots and morons.

Problem is that these protesters are saying that we don’t have the right to lampoon Islam and yet they do it to our religions and while carrying on marches and such against freedom of speech and freedom of press, exercise that in which they protest against.

Its ironic how all three religions say they are the religion of peace, and yet we fight and kill in its name. Never mind the fact that Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have their roots in the Old Testament in one way or another.