Bloggers are now turning on one of their own. I am talking not of Warren Kinsella suing Mark Bourrie for $600,000, but of other bloggers touting free speech and slamming Kinsella.

When I blog about things, it is attacking issues or people’s ideas and policies. When I do so, I point out in my own way why I agree or disagree with what is done, offer my own idea or thought, or point to someone else’s idea that I agree with.

Bloggers for the most part think the same way as I do (or I’d like to believe they do) and respect things such as FACTS. I have a journalism background and know you don’t make statements you cannot back up, in any print form. If I go out and call someone a bold faced liar, I will have something to back that up. Why? Because it is what you are suppose to do!

I consider writing a blog the same as writing an op-ed piece for a newspaper, you need facts, you need to check those facts and you need to not be stupid when doing this. Flying off the handle at people because you feel like it may be fine for you, but do it on the phone to that person, don’t put it in print. I read the comments on your site and to me, it paints Mr. Kinsella in a bad light. Your mistake, step up and apologise. Make it right.

So for all of those out there who are building a legal defense fund for Mr. Bourrie, I think you should instead be building a settlement fund. And to Mr. Bourrie, I honestly think you have cheapened yourself by putting your child’s statement up there. A cheap ploy at sympathy. To back that up, I will state the following. I mention my kids rarely on the internet because my family life is private and kids should not be involved on the net more than just doing research for a school project. I have taxed my household when I have made mistakes in judgment, however a real father would not drag their children into it. Children are innocent and should not be worrying about grown up issue. Shame on you!