Honestly. Can you blame the guy. Here we have someone who, since taking the leadership of the Conservative Party, has been poked, prodded and suspected by every media outlet. Not that I blame the media, it is their job, but reporting needs to be fair and balanced which in my opinion, it has not been. Do I blame Harper for not following the precedents set by Chretien and Martin for media access, or for plugging leaks in the PMO.

To hear journalists such as VanDusen and Martin on CBC complain there are no stories coming out of the PMO to me, is offensive. Work for heaven sakes. Stories are still out there, but they might have to make one or two extra phone calls to get them.

I can name five people who would love to be in their shoes right now working on Parliment Hill as journalists. If its too much guys, go get a transfer to Beijing or something.