I happen to agree with the editorial in today’s Toronto Sun. If the Liberals et al try to bring down Harper’s gov’t and force an election over the daycare changes, it may well spell a majority gov’t for Harper.

Very simply put, and I think some will agree with me here. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s simple, the Harper was elected with a minority government. We are sick and tired of the squabling and fighting that goes on Parliament Hill. My kids fight less and get along better then most of the fools on the hill (sorry Beatles for the pun).

Harper was elected saying he was changing the daycare system, and I think its a good thing as the current system does discriminate against stay-at-home parents. He won, they didn’t, get over it.

If you don’t, and force an election, watch out for a wipeout ala-Kim Campbell, and it wont be for the Tories this time.