Some say he is the dark horse of the race to succeed Paul Martin, and on the outside he might look ideal. Young, semi-charismatic, passionate and appeals more to the left side of the political spectrum. While Education minister for Ontario, he didn’t really screw up anything, and in Ontario politics that’s a real feat.

BUT! Read the article from the Toronto Star about his plans to move to Quebec, so he is more in-touch with the province (because reading a newspaper or talking to people is just so passé.

    Kennedy and his wife, Jeanette Arsenault, are now looking for a home as well as schools for their children, aged 3 and 7. They’ll move as soon as they can and spend at least several months there in advance of the Dec. 2-3 leadership vote.

    The Kennedy family all speak French to varying degrees. Arsenault, an early childhood education administrator, is an Acadian from Prince Edward Island and the children have been enrolled in French-immersion programs in Toronto.

He has a three year old, who is enrolled in french-immersion. In what province? Even in private schools there is no french immersion for a 3 year old. I would have thought the former education minister of Ontario would know that. Perhaps that explains why our kids need to bring their own glue sticks to class and use calculators in Gr. 5.

Here I was thinking Bob Rae would be the best thing for the Liberals, boy am I glad Kennedy is in the race now. At this rate, Hedy Fry might do something great and be a shoo in.

We could all hope.