Cindy Sheehan, peacenik from the US, has commented that the Canadian public does not like Stephen Harper. Perhaps if Sheehan had bothered to check out a Canadian newspaper, blog, website or so on to see the opinion polls of Stephen Harper, she would think differently. I am not a big fan of Harper, but so far he hasn’t done a bad job. Canadians generally have a favourable opinion of him and/or his policies. After being bent over by the Liberals for the last 13 years, the Conservatives are change in pace.

However all of these facts, Sheehan should enjoy a cup of STFU (Shut-The-Fuck-Up for those not up on net-parlance). Worry about your own country, where you live Sheehan. And if you do wish to comment on Canadian politics or Canada in general, read up on the subject. Become informed before you open your yap!

STFU Sheehan, Yankee go home!