This is just plain stupid. Since Harper was elected, mainstream media outlets have been crying foul about changes to the free-rein they had on the Hill during the Liberal dynasty.

Too bad. Journalists are suppose to be unbiased and professional. Their actions today show they are neither. A journalist by definition is to report the news, to be an observer. Not to make the news.

Since Harper took over, they have complained that they are not being talked to, not able to get the stories they want. I argue that in the last 14 years journalists have gotten too used to Liberal government handing them their stories on a silver platter and getting too cozy with them.

Quite frankly I don’t blame Harper and Company in clamming up. But have they really? Because the Conservatives have plugged up the leaks in information in government, is that clamming up? By not making every issue, every meeting, every petty little nuance of government open to media cameras is that clamming up?

In a word, no.

If journalists don’t want to have to work to get their stories, there are plenty of writers and journalists who would love to climb up to Parliament Hill and get paid to write the news. Get paid to do the work to get a story.

And as for walking out on the Prime Minister. That takes real class. Regardless of your opinion, you are still suppose to STFU and report the story. Walking out is childish. I for one would love to see Harper’s press secretary go and cancel the passes for all those who walked out today.

Note to Journalists, grow up and enjoy a cup of STFU!