Captain Obvious here. I would never have known that buildings with a small footprint that has 50 floors worth of people living and working in them would make a great target for terrorists. Thanks Globe and Mail for pointing this out.

Until now I haven’t said anything about the “terrorist” issues in Toronto and elsewhere. It is fortunate that our police and intelligence services foiled this plot, and yes there could be more. It is expected.

Canada has taken a key role in Afghanistan and even if crackpots like Jack Layton got their way and had the Canadian Forces withdraw, we’d still be a target.

The thing that bothers me around this area isn’t the threat of terrorists, but of attitudes against immigrants and ethnic people. Just in the last week I overheard someone at the local convience store call the clerk a “paki” and a “terrorist” because his ATM card was declined. Immigrants aren’t to blame for terrorists, morons are. Idiots will use things like a “terrorist threat” as an excuse for ignorance. That is stupid.