This could be also titled, “When did Bicycle Laws change?” but I like the above title. Now I am feeling old when I say this (turning 30), back in my day, kids rode their bikes on the same side of the road as cars. Why? Because bicycles were classed as non-powered vehicles. Did the law change in the last 20 years to allow kids to ride bikes where ever the hell they want?

Example: I was driving to the post office this afternoon, eight blocks (yes I am polluting and too bad), 10 kids were on bikes, two on the right side of the road, eight on the left. Traffic was moving into the centre of the road to avoid them.

Don’t even get me started on Rollerblading assholes either. They think they own the road, the sidewalk and anywhere in-between. Ok now I feel old and sound like Denis Leary.

Perhaps I should put in Cure for Cancer and grab a nice Cuban Cigar.

I am a bitter old man. And kids are stupid. Except mine. :)