A line from nowhere to nowhere costing $700 Million to $1 Billion (cue Dr. Evil here). Stupid. All for a North-South commuter line powered by electric rail cars. Stupid.

Nevermind that the whole commuter issue is east-west. Stupid. Nevermind that the 417 resembles a parking lot on any given rush hour. Stupid.

Who cares if you can go from Barrhaven to Downtown in 40 minutes on the train. Stupid. I can drive from Barrhaven to Downtown in less than 40 minutes, in traffic. Stupid. How does this get people out of cars? Stupid.

Note the word stupid has been used after every sentence.


Ottawa needs a transit system like Toronto’s. Bi-level “GO” cars to connect Carp, Richmond, the Airport and Casselman to Ottawa’s Via Station. Then Mayor Bob can have his train set from the Via Station to downtown to provide a spoke and hub system. Will cost the same, and you address all of the issues.

Mayor Bob’s idea is just plain stupid.