Was reading on a news site that Jacques Villeneuve is possibly going to Nascar since he has been turfed from the BMW team. Two Nascar drivers Greg Biffle and Adrian Fernandez said that they would have a difficult adjustment to Nascar driving. Ya. Its really hard to give up the urge to make a right hand turn!

I like Nascar, know someone who is running in one of the Busch League and Cascar series but come on. You are talking about a driver who is used to going around a track in half a car, and most of the tracks are road courses. Nascar has no road courses and always goes counter-clockwise around in an oval.

Yes I am sure there will be some adjustment and yes, Villeneuve may even fall flat on his face. But I don’t think it will be because of the Left Turns guys.

And one other note, as I spell checked this, Blogger/Google wanted to replace “NASCAR” with “mascara”. Hmm subliminal message maybe?