Here is the real piss-off thing about the Ontario Government and its view on Autism funding. McNutty and Co. can fund items in the health care system such as getting your tubes tied or having a vasectomy. They can fund items like gender modification for people in the prison system who aren’t what they came equipped with. They can even fund things like a telephone advice system that takes 30 minutes of asking questions to tell you to go to the hospital or see your doctor.

But they cannot fund assistance for children over the age of six who suffer from Autism. This is sad. Actually its a disgrace.

As it says in the story linked above, a mother and her child who is afflicted with Autism went to a public picnic for our local MPP to put the issue out there. Now I’ve met Jim Brownell before and he is a nice guy, and I have respect for him. But this sounded like a brush off to me. I would invite Mr. Brownell to instead of waiting for Ms. Jolicoeur to go to him with her issues, to go to the local Tim Hortons, grab some coffees and head over to her house. Sit there and hear her concerns. Then… Go to Queens Park and do your job.

If the government can fund birth control and sex-changes for prisoners… Surely kids who never did anything to get this affliction should get the same or better consideration from our government!

Note: This is posting #100 on this blog since I switched to Blogger. I have held off on writing anything until I found something worthwhile to write about. This was it.