Yet another Canadian pretender to the throne of “New Media Link King” has been slain. Actually he up and quit because of work commitments, but then again if it was a passion, he would have kept it up.

NealeNews is no more. Wednesday was the announcement, Thursday nothing but whitespace on the site. I used to go on to Brian Neale’s site for a while as there was the odd story of interest to me that perhaps didn’t make the cut with Pierre Bourque’s Bourque Newswatch.

Lately though the news wasn’t getting updated often on NealeNews. I commend Brian Neale for pulling the plug as he did as too often people leave up neglected and down-right useless sites. Forgotten by changing habits and other factors. Just as a good music group should call it quits when they stop being able to create something new, Brian Neale called it quits when he just didnt have time.

So yet another pretender is slain.