Well another school season has started. Sent home today on the first day of school was a list of things we can and cannot send to school. Nothing with Peanuts, because there is child who is allergic in the class. Nothing like fruit snacks or the like. Don’t send your kids in with markers, because they provide them. Send your kids with Kleenex boxes though.

Here’s my issue though.
1) In the school, there are two classes of the same grade, each with one child who is allergic to peanuts. So both classes are banned from kids bringing peanuts or nut products. Obviously putting both kids into one class would make too much sense!
2) The school doesn’t want nut-based snacks, nor do they want you to send in fruit snacks (which are not un-healthy). But yet will the school pay the extra for all of these “Nut-Free” items. No
3) The school doesn’t want us to send in the washable markers that are easy to get out of our kids clothes. But the school can’t afford those markers so they give the kids the markers that will permanently stain the kids clothes. Is the school going to pay for the cleaning bills and clothing replacement? No.

Day one, and the battles begin. This is going to be a long, long, LONG school year. Thank god for the public education system!