The Sierra Club is poo-pooing the new Happy Meal toys of McDonalds because they have toy Hummer H2 and H3 SUVs as the prize. Does the Sierra Club not have something better to do than to go after kids toys? How about they go after their own members who own SUV’s.

Example. I was at an Ultramar getting gas for my car, when in front of me was a Cadillac Escalade $50,000 SUV, with a “Member of the Sierra Club of Canada” bumper sticker on the back. Ironic? Now surely this is just a one-time idiot who happens to support the Sierra Club to cover for their guilty conscience of their gas-sucking SUV, right?

Wrong! In fact I have seen a few bumper stickers on cars while toiling in Ottawa rush-hour traffic, for the Sierra Club. On the back of a Ford expedition, a GMC Yukon, a Toyota Land Cruiser and lastly, the back of a Ford Mustang GT.

All of those vehicles have gas sucking V8 engines. The Mustang surprisingly has the best MPG at 28 MPG on the highway, 17 in the city. What about a GMC Yukon? 20 and 14.

I have yet to see a Sierra Club sticker on any car that is even a little bit eco-friendly. Is the Sierra Club an elitist group of Gas suckers who hide their SUV’s behind an environmentalist group name?

Probably not, but if the Sierra Club wants to promote eco-friendly and slam SUV’s, start at home first please.