Have you noticed that the candidates for election who put their phone numbers and email addresses on their ads are the ones who actually want to talk to you? In this election I have noticed a vast majority of candidates don’t have websites, don’t have email addresses and don’t even give you their phone numbers. How many candidates have stopped by and did the whole “door-to-door” thing?

This election I made a goal, I will only contact candidates in my area who are approachable, and only will deal with those who approach me. After all it is my vote they are after.

So a week before the Electronic voting starts in my township, one of four candidates for mayor have stopped by my house. I contacted all four candidates for mayor, only the one who stopped by has answered my questions. Therefore that person, because he took the time to talk to me and connect with me, gets my vote.

Out of four candidates for deputy mayor, two advertised with no ways of contacting them, their out. The other two haven’t bothered to return phone calls. So in the end, I’ll likely not vote for a deputy mayor.

Out of 11 candidates for council, to which I get the fun of voting for three, four advertised with some form of contact. Out of those four, only one took the time to call me back and discuss what my questions were.

Are the issues counting towards my votes, yes? However in an age of less and less contact with those who we elect, municipal council is the only place left that we can really still have a voice. So in the end, I am voting for those who paid attention to me. And for township council, that still leaves three votes up for grabs.