Here’s the thing. Harper has granted $250K to a boat line to increase security. Another $125K to a Dive Shop.
I can somewhat understand spending money to beef up security on the Gan Boat Lines, given the real security threat old grannies and Japanese tourists pose on Canadian Sovereignty. What I don’t understand is how a Dive shop needs that. Who owns that shop? A supporter of the local conservative MP?
Would this money not be better spent by taking the $375K and maybe hiring more Coast Guard to patrol the Canadian border along the St. Lawrence?
What is the real threat here? We have several arrests per year with people running cigarettes and drugs across the river in personal watercraft. How hard would it be to do the same smuggling people and/or terrorist weapons? Not very hard.
While $375K may be a drop in the bucket for items like improving the Coast Guard, get enough drops together, and your bucket is full.